Welcome to QualiGO - the advertising network,

connecting advertisers and publishers directly and efficiently since the year 2000.

Founded as the first german PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engine even before the release of Google AdWords, QualiGO still continues to be one of the leading Pay-Per-Click platforms with a growing number of publishers and advertisers . Aside a large number of advertising formats we offer our advertisers good traffic at a fair price through well-known co-operation partners. Our publishers receive commissions from 50 to 80 %.

So you can make the most money out of your website, you are both an advertiser and a publisher with only one registration. This way you can advertise your products and generate money with your website with a few clicks at the same time.

Do you wish to join our advertising network? Then read up on your possibilities as advertiser or publisher or register directly for free !


  • Show ads to reach as many customers as possible and pay only per click for customers actually forwarded.
  • Good trafic quality with the possibility of Geo-IP targeting
  • Choose from different advertising formats


  • Increase your website’s revenue with ads
  • Regular transfer of revenues to your bank account
  • Excellent possibility of integration of our advertising formats thanks to full customization